ADAM.. is a gorgeous black retriever x boy who landed n Monaghan dog a couple of weeks ago.  This is a terrible picture of him (more on order!) and he’s clearly boasting a thick outside coat, but we’re promised that he’s a stunner - a very nice young man who is no trouble at all in the kennels where he is at the moment. He is also fab with other dogs (he is currently sharing a run with another male with no problems).

More pix and info to come asap.

UPDATED 9/3/11

Lovely Adam has found a wonderful home in Ireland with an autistic child. When Adam met him he went straight up to the boy and gently placed his head on his knee.

If it doesn’t work out, he’ll be coming to us but it sounds very promising!

UPDATED 31/3/11

Well, unfortunately, it didn’t work out... and so Adam hitched a lift over here and is now settling in with Jon in Southampton where he’s proving a lively, but an incredibly sweet and loving companion. Jon has some brain injuries following an accident and it was felt that a dog would really help in his recovery.   Jon has always loved collies and his face absolutely lit up when he saw Adam - now Alfie. The pair have been inseparable ever since. With lots of support form his family, particularly his mum Beryl, we have very high hopes of this being a match made in heaven.

(added 1/3/11)