AMBER... don’t you just hate it when they’re this ugly? :-)

Amber is a 10 month old golden retriever/setter x girl and, as you can seen, she is absolutely beautiful.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect as we were told she’d been adopted by a family when she was just three weeks old after having been rejected by her mother.  This made us slightly nervous as bitches quite often do this when their puppies are not right. Then we were told that she had been surrendered after growling at children.  Yikes, what were we letting ourselves in for?

Amber arrived pretty rattled by the transport, clearly scared. But in the few days since she has arrived, she has totally transformed. She’s loving, affectionate, playful and more confident that expected although she hasn’t been exposed to much and is still finding even everyday things a bit startling. She jumped when I blew my nose yesterday ad when she saw a horse today, well... you’d have thought she’d seen an alien... So she’ll need a home that knows that the best way to deal with a dog that has had a very sheltered life is to not react and not reassure - just simply ignore whatever it is in a relaxed, chilled way as she will look to you for guidance.

Amber is great in the car, walks well on a lead and is happy to be with anyone as long as she can be close to you. She has great skills with other dogs (they all think she’s lovely). She is a bit of a play-pest at the mo with dogs that won’t tell her off, but this will settle down. (The pix here show her playing with pocket rocket Tara on Salisbury Plain.)  She has lots of energy - expected given the setter bit of her. But, to our slight surprise (she’s blonde, you see...), Amber is also a really bright girl. She picks up things very quickly and is keen to learn. She also asks questions (“Why exactly do you want me to stay behind this child gate..?”) and can be a little whingey when she doesn’t get her own way. She’s not, incidentally, fully housetrained yet.

So we’re definitely looking for a home for Amber that will really appreciate that she’s something very special; where she’ll be nurtured as well as loved and with a family that will really enjoy reaiising her potential.  She’s probably too boisterous for young children and she tends to mouth - but there is absolutely no sign of any aggression. Indeed, she clearly likes children.

Amber is spayed, fully vaccinated and is being fostered near Marlborough in Wiltshire. If you are interested her, please email asap. There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Amber, which includes the £85 it cost to transport  her from Ireland. 

(added 29/11/09)