ARCHIE... is a large retriever x who we took from the same Irish rescue as Bob. We only had the pic top right to go on, so weren’t expecting much - but Archie turns out to be a bit of a stunner  - a beautiful, 3-ish-year-old neutered boy who is a well-behaved sweetie who loves people and, particularly, children.

Poor Archie has a desperately sad story. He was spotted curled up in a bus station in Cork - lost and totally exhausted. He was overweight, normally the sign of a dog that has been previously loved, and had very good manners so goodness knows what happened to him.

Archie is currently in foster near Northampton where he’s settled in brilliantly.  He is house-trained, great in the house and although pulls on the lead initially soon settles down. We haven’t tried him with other dogs yet, but the Irish rescue says he’s fine (although not particularly interested).

UPDATE 24/2/10

I don’t know... yet another failed foster home... Archie proved so wonderful (well, maybe just a couple of small things to iron out!)  that his  foster family have decided to keep him. Very many thanks to Helen, Jonathan and Emily for giving his lovely lad such a wonderful second chance!

(added 26/12/09)