AXEL... is a classic black retriever x, found as a stray in Ireland about five weeks ago and never claimed.

He was very thin and so matted that he had to be clipped, but is doing really well now. He is a lovely lad who is excellent with people and other dogs . He is biddable and good on a lead.

Axel is due to arrive either 4th or 11th November.

UPDATE 4/11/10

Axel arrived in the early hours of this morning and he’s divine -  a good-looking slightly older boy (maybe five or six years old) who really loves people and is fab with other dogs - all mine accepted him without a murmur.

Axel is a little skinny and his coat is a bit dull at the moment but he is going to be as gorgeous to look at as he is in spirit.  The video on the left shows him running around the garden after a bath.. but he’s flat out on the kitchen floor now, exhausted after his journey. Not so tired that he can’t wag his tail every time you go anywhere near him, though. In fact, his tail doesn’t stop wagging.

We really like this boy. We suspect Axel has been loved in the past (he is housetrained and he jumped on the sofa in a very familiar way!). Goodness knows what happened that he was found in such a dreadful state.  It will be just great to see him settled in a loving home and he’s at that great age - old enough to be able to settle, but with lots of play and life in him yet.

UPDATE 22/11/10

Axel really is a sweet boy. We tried him off-lead on Salisbury Plain for the first time yesterday and he was perfect - loved his run, but kept checking back in.  He also walks pretty well on a lead and he really is perfect with other dogs - very gentle.  He loves people most, though (large or small)  so would be fine as an only dog.

Axel has settled really well with foster mum Rebecca and her family and is a great house-guest - although he is a little too interested in small furry or feathered things for us to be able to recommend him to a home with rabbits, hens or a cat. 

Highly recommended, this lad - an easy boy for a family looking for a loving, not too boisterous option.

UPDATE 6/12/10

At last... some new pix of Atlas that show off what a very handsome boy he is. And don’t be too fooled by the smidge of grey round that mouth - he is 5 or 6 tops.

Axel is fully-vaccinated and neutered and being fostered in Wiltshire.

UPDATE 11/1/11

Rehomed! Axel - renamed Rudi - has gone to live with Bobbi Sox, a gorgeous spaniel x girl (with four perfect white feet...) who we rehomed to the Ship Inn at Upavon in Wiltshire a couple of years ago. Doggie heaven there - they do Sunday lunch for dogs and they’re right on the edge of Salisbury Plain for fabulous walks (which Axel is loving!).

Bobbi was fantastically sniffy about him to begin with but has now totally accepted the new boy - to the extent that they curl up together.  Awww...

If you’re passing, why don’t you pop in and say hello?

(added 25/10/10)