Baby... now who could resist this stunning fella?

We think Baby is one of the loveliest youngsters we’ve ever seen (and, hey, if he was completely black wouldn’t he look a bit like a retriever...?). He was saved from Dundalk pound in Ireland last week and we’ve just received this report from Bea, who is looking after him.

“He is like a big puppy, hence the name.

Methinks there's probably some longhaired GSD hidden in there. He is more compact than big/heavy as he is only about 20 inch, fully grown he'll probably be no more than 22-24 inch.

“He is a wonderful guy, responds to his name (... er ... he would really respond to everything) as well as clapping or making squeaky noises. He's now crate trained (and is clean at night) but hasn't really got the hang of jumping up into the crate so I have to lift him - which he loves and then he plops over for MORE belly tickles. He is a very funny character and one can't but love him.”

We will upload more info on Baby as soon as we know more, so check back soon..!

If you would be interesting either in fostering or adopting Baby, please email:

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.