BEN + CARA... are beautiful brother and sister red setter/collie xs who need a new home because of a relationship break-up. They can be rehomed together or separately.

Their Irish owner saved Ben and Cara from as puppies when they were part of an unwanted litter.  They are now two and a half years old, very sweet, affectionate, great with children, adults and other dogs, house-trained, fully vaccinated and neutered.  

Although much loved, they are not having the best of lives at the moment as their owner works long hours.  They live outside and spend much of the day tied up to prevent them going walkabout, so we’re keen to get them into new homes as soon as possible.

They are their owner’s first dogs and they admit they are not very experienced, so Ben and Cara have not had much training. They pull on the lead, jump up a bit, and their recall is not perfect - but this should be easily resolved as they’re lovely dogs and keen to please. In an active home, with love and a little training, they will make fantastic family dogs. 

We have the full history on these dogs and will be able to go back to their first owner to check anything we need to know.

Cara is the slightly quieter,  more independent of the two, very ladylike and perhaps the smarter one. Ben is the goofy one who loves nothing better than to be at your side. He’ll climb on to your lap if you let him.  The pair get on wonderfully, but would be fine on their own, too, or in a home with other dogs.

If you are interested in Ben or Cara, please email asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for each dog or £200 for the pair.

(added 11/4/08)