BETTY... is a very pretty girl with a lovely expression who was surrendered to Ashton Pound in Ireland  in April along with her best friend Todd. The pair of them had been strays before, but had been taken on by an elderly man two years ago.  It seems there was then some kind of neighbour dispute which resulted in their owner  being forced to hand the dogs over.

The two dogs were best friends but, tragically, Todd was put to sleep (we still don’t know exactly why), leaving an utterly bereft Betty.  For days, she just huddled in  the pound, refusing to eat or be comforted.

Two weeks ago, we managed to find a foster home for Betty - and, as you can see, she has transformed. She’s a super girl, very affectionate, well-behaved, house-trained and a quick learner. But she has become a little protective of her foster mum Kimberley - jealous of anyone who approaches and also Kimberley’s other dog.  There’s no aggression; she just barks, and we think this is easily resolvable, but we are looking for a home with no or older children that can nip this behaviour in the bud.

We think Betty is 3-5 years old. She is vaccinated, spayed, house-trained and good on a lead. She has not been tried off-lead but we think she will stick close.

UPDATE 24/6/08

Betty arrived at the weekend and she’s a beautiful dog.  But she has obviously been badly frightened or hurt by a man in the past as she’s very nervous of even gentle men.  That said, she is clearly dying to trust and once reassured, if you don’t rush her, she soon approaches shyly for a cuddle.

Betty will need a kind, patient and understanding home where she can build up her confidence.  The reward will be a wonderfully loyal, loving dog and we don’t think it will take Betty very long to blossom.  Absolutely ideal would be a home with a more confident male dog for she clearly doesn’t mind males if they have four legs - she really flirted with my boy Boz (good taste -  he is very handsome...) and raced round the garden with him within minutes of arriving.  Girl dogs, though, she isn’t interested in at all.

A big thank you to Rebecca for fostering Betty.  Just look at the shine she’s managed to get on Betty’s coat in just five days!

UPDATE 6/7/08

Betty has positively bloomed in the past two weeks and  she’s lovely. She still “woofs” at men she doesn’t know, but she no longer runs and hides in the bushes!   And she’s fine when she’s out. It just seems to be a problem in and around the house. But it really isn’t a big deal and there are so many terrific things about this girl, that it shouldn’t put anyone off (well, unless they invite the local rugby team round on a regular basis).

We now think Betty is no older than 3yrs.  She’s a happy, cuddly girl  who I think will be quite a character when she fully emerges from her shell.  She loves her walks (pretty good on and off-lead), adores the car, and at home she settles wonderfully  (particularly on the sofa...!) Given how well she’s doing, we now think she’d be fine as an only dog. She is spayed and vaccinated.

UPDATE 16/7/08

So why no interest in this lovely girl? She’s been with us at BRX HQ for the past two weeks  - I borrowed her from her foster home and she loves it here so much we decided to keep her here until she finds a new home.

Betty is just divine - the easiest girl to have around. Not a peek out of her if you need her to settle - and then full of life on her walks.  She’s also wonderfully affectionate - loves a cuddle, gives soft kisses, and she rolls on to her back and wiggles fetchingly, pleading to have her tummy rubbed. 

She’s still woofing at men, but it’s a little bit less every day.

We’ve changed our mind again and feel she WILL do best in a home with another confident male dog to continue teaching her that men can , after all, be nice, kind, gentle creatures. So that’s what we’ll hold out for.

If you’re interested in Betty please email us at

There is a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Betty, which includes the £65 it cost to transport him to the UK from Ireland.

(added 13/6/08)

Poor Betty: dumped in the pound - and terrified...

Much happier in foster

in Ireland

And now coming

on a treat at her

foster home

in Wiltshire