Blue...  came into Dundalk pound last week - a young, sweet, cuddly collie x. Unclaimed, and with the pound full, he was on the put-to-sleep list for tomorrow morning. He’s more of a collie than we would normally take and we’re inundated with dogs at the moment, but how on earth could we sit back and see this youngster die?

So here’s hoping Blue will repay our kindness by being a wonderful angle and a dream to rehome (Hah! If only life was like that!)

Good reports so far - the girls there say Blue is “a dote” - a term they reserve for the the really lovable ones. He;s also playful and sit for a biscuit. But that’s all we know at the moment.

Blue will be fostered in Ireland until after Christmas and will be neutered and vaccinated before he comes over.

We;ll post more pix and info as soon as we can.

UPDATE 16/12/07

Sadly, it hasn’t been possible to find Blue a foster home in Ireland, so he’s currently in kennels. Great reports, though - he’s a really super boy, sweet and gentle, playful but not too boisterous, and rather submissive with other dogs.   If by any chance anyone could foster him over Christmas, we could still bring him over this week. 

UPDATE 25/12/07

A huge thank you to Jan who offered to foster Blue, despite already having a house full of dogs!  He arrived in the UK on Thursday and, bless him, he’s GORGEOUS!  Definitely a collie head, but he has a retriever body and a silky, open coat which after a good bath, is gleaming (sun wasn’t out for these pictures so you cant see, but we promise it’s beautiful!)

Blue is mix of collie and retriever in temperament, too - bright, agile and very quick to learn, but also soft, very loving and happy to chill out and relax . He’s playful but not at all hyper, fantastic with other dogs, pretty good on a lead and he also has great recall - a lovely , medium-sized dog for someone wanting a bright and active youngster they can “do” something with.  We reckon he’s between 12 and 18 months’ old and that he would make a terrific obedience/agility/flyball dog.

Blue is going to be snapped up quickly, so if you’re interested, email us at as soon as possible!

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Blue, which includes the £65 it cost to transport him to the UK from Ireland.

(added 5/12/07)