BOB... very hard to tell from this dreadful pic but Bob is classic black retriever x  and by all accounts a really lovely boy, too. 

Bob is about a year old, lively as he should be at this age and has a very sweet nature. He is very affectionate and.. well, that’s all we know at the moment, but we will update asap.

Bob is currently in a rescue in Cork and we are hoping that he will travel to us this week so he is not stuck in kennels over the holiday period. We’d therefore be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who might be able to help us by fostering him over Christmas/New Year.

UPDATE 26/12/09

A huge thank you to Wendy and Richard who offered to foster this lovely lad for us. Here’s what they say about him:

”He's very settled and for a big youngster is very well behaved when visitors arrive - he doesn't jump up and isn't really too boisterous (although is getting lots of exercise and play).  Still really good off the lead except when he meets other dogs and he forgets who he's meant to be walking with but walking away brings him running.


“Has been very funny in the snow today - loves to roll in it.  One little accident in the house last night but that was the first in 48 hours - if let outside he will go out but hasn't yet worked out how to say he wants to go out.


Getting more confident in himself so will stand up to Jed a bit more now but without being aggressive - just stands his ground when Jed is a bully!” to be a bully.


Bob has reacted badly to one person -  he was very nervous and barked at a male friend, who we think must have reminded him of someone who had been nasty to him.  But this is the only blot on this lovely youngster’s copybook.

Bob is looking for a home that can commit to bringing on a youngster who needs a little guidance and where he gets lots of opportunities to play/socialise with other dogs as he really loves this.


If you are interested in Bob please email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Bob, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  him from Ireland. 

(added 13/12/09)

Above: in rescue in Ireland. Below: in focus here...