(added 7/7/12)

BONNIE is a cocker spaniel girl - one of several dogs on the PTS list at Monaghan Pound.   The picture of her in the pound(see bottom left) showed an older, utterly dejected girl who had little chance of finding a home. 

It turns out that she is microchipped, but when the Pound tracked down her owner, they denied all knowledge of her. We think she was dumped after being used for breeding.

We really hate to see older dogs end their lives in a pound this way so stepped in to save her even though she isn’t our usual type. And, delightfully, Bonnie has transformed since being out of the pound - not as old as we thought (her microchip reveals she is just six years old), affectionate and despite being thin and very out of condition, quite lively.

Bonnie will arrive with us in a week or two and will be going into a foster home in Manchester where we can assess her needs.

She will be fully-vaccinated, spayed, wormed and flea-treated. Her adoption fee will be £150 plus VAT (£180 in total)

If you would like to express preliminary interest in Bonnie, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

Above: an utterly dejected Bonnie in Monaghan Pound