(update 15/4/07)

Boz (Boris) has now been with us at BRX Rescue HQ for four months now and it really is about time we acknowledged the obvious - which is that he has become a permanent addition to the family.

I think I have loved this big, beautiful, misunderstood boy ever since he arrived, thin and hunkered (see before and after pics, left) as an emergency in mid-December.  And just look at what four months of good food, love and miles walking on Salisbury Plain can do.

The clincher was the arrival of Tickle a month ago - Boz and she hit it off immediately and it is just a joy to see them playing together. When Tickle went missing a few weeks ago (the whole story here), it was Boz who came with me to help me catch her.  The pair of them are at my feet at the moment (a rare moment of peace..) and although we really never intended to have four dogs, sometimes you just don’t have any say in the matter...! 

Boz was born in South Wales. His mother was described as “a long-haired black labrador”  and his dad was a farm collie. His first owner was an elderly Jehovah’s Witness who thought he would keep her two elderly dogs company.   When she became too frail, all three dogs went into a local rescue. Boz was quickly rehomed from there, but returned for being a bully with the other dog. We then stepped in to help and found what we thought would be a lovely home for Boz but he bullied the resident dog there, as well, and there was concern about his temperament  with people, too. With nowhere else to go, and just days before Christmas, he came here.

It turns out that Boz wouldn’t harm a fly - he’s a complete softy. But he’s easy to misinterpret because when he’s nervous he barks (very loudly!) and he has huge, very white teeth! He isn’t really a bully, either - it’s just that he didn’t have any boundaries in his first few months, (although perhaps a few of the wrong sort for when he arrived he would cower if you raised an arm anywhere near him).

Boz, now about 18 months old, still finds it hard to trust and he’s a strong-willed, vocal boy, who needs firm but calm handling. His recall is patchy, to say the least, but he’s learning - particularly from my two older dogs, Luka and Maisie, who he wouldn’t dare take liberties with!  He is also incredibly affectionate - a truly loving boy who wants to please (but just can’t help himself sometimes...)

Today, as most other days, we will all be going for a long walk on Salisbury Plain. Maybe a swim, too, if it’s warm... They are wonderful to watch together - the “blackpack” and Tickle running like the wind across the plain in hot pursuit of rabbits.

There are trials and tribulations running a rescue, but much satisfaction and happiness, too.

Jemima Harrison

Black Retriever X Rescue

Boz when he arrived in December ‘06

Boz spring ‘07

Boz  in Dec ’06

Boz spring ‘07