Callum...  is a very beautiful young black retriever  x and a truly special boy who is very lucky to be alive - on two different counts.

We rescued Callum from being put to sleep at an Irish pound a month ago. The poor babe was so scared that he had to be carried out of the pound to safety. While waiting to come over to the UK, he went into kennels where everyone fell in love with him.  Unfortunately, he contracted a serious viral infection which very nearly killed him - and, tragically, did kill his best friend, who we rescued from the same pound at the same time. The vets managed to save Callum by operating to remove a blockage in his bowel, but it was too late for his friend Rocky.

Callum is now recuperating in a foster home in Ireland. He ‘s just gorgeous - a shy, loving, gentle boy who will blossom into a stunning dog with a bit of TLC.  He lacks confidence, though, and is very scared when he hears shouting - so on top of everything else, we think Callum has been mistreated.

All our dogs are special, but this one so deserves a fresh start and Callum will be looking for a kind home, possibly with an older dog, who can help build him back up both physically and psychologically.  We now think he is less than a year old (after initially thinking he was older) and once he settles he will probably become quite puppyish so he will need someone who can commit to his training and introduce him to all the many joys of truly loving family life. 

We will be collecting Callum ourselves from Ireland by car next weekend (30th/1st July) as he’s a little too fragile to travel via the usual transport.

Callum is vaccinated, wormed and neutered and there should be no lasting effects from his illness.

If you would like to know more about this lovely boy,  please email We’d also love to hear from anyone who might be able to foster Callum for us short-term.

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(updated 25/6/07)