CARA... is a red setter (poss x collie) girl who is six years old and an absolutely gorgeous girl. As you can see, she is very overweight - a whopping 37kg when she arrived 10 days ago. But thanks to  long walks on Salisbury Plain and just a little of what she fancies, the weight is dropping off her now and she will soon be as beautiful of body as she is of spirit.

Cara was handed into an animal sanctuary in Ireland in 2004, heavily pregnant. Not much more that a pup herself, she wasn’t a good mum and all but one of the pups died.

She was then rehomed to a family who thought Cara would be a companion for their special needs son.  Unfortunately, he has shown almost no interest in her and a few weeks ago, due to increased family pressures and commitments, she was surrendered to Drogheda Animal Rescue where we spotted her and volunteered to help.

Apart from being a little food-possessive, Cara is a real star - friendly, very affectionate, good with children, adults (particularly men) and other dogs and cats (although she’’ll chase ones she doesn’t know). She’s good on a lead and in the car - and, although quite independent out on walks (she thinks Salisbury Plain is heaven!) she keeps an eye on you.

We are looking for a home  where she’ll get the attention that has been lacking in her life and that can commit to her continued streamlining!

Cara is spayed, fully vaccinated (inc against kennel cough), wormed and de-flea’d. She is being fostered in Wiltshire.

UPDATE 11/7/09

Not much to add really, except that Cara plays absolutely beautifully with four-month-old golden retriever puppies (and is incredibly tolerant of their clambering puppy ways!) , really loves children and lives for her walks. Despite her seize (she’s now down to 34kg but still has a way to go) she is confident and very active and, ideally,  will need 1 - 2 hours exercise a day  (and given a choice would be happy to be out and about all day!). That said, she settles very well at home.

UPDATE 30/7/09

Cara now weighs 30kg and isn’t far off her ideal weight and we really must take some pix because she looks fantastic!

There has been a bit of a blip on the behaviour-front. Cara suddenly started getting rather protective of her foster family and their goldie puppy who she adores. But she’s so easily-told off that this has been quickly nipped in the bud.  She just needs a firm hand to stop her getting too bossy.  It’s also clear she much prefers male dog company than female. 

UPDATE 12/8/09

Yay! Cara has found her forever home. Thank you so much to Roy and Sue and Kieran who are now introducing Cara to the many delights of rural Derbyshire  - and to Jan, Abby and Richard who have been WONDERFUL foster parents to Cara in the past three months.

(added 20/5/09)

(Above) Cara when she arrived.... a big girl! And, below, slimming down but still a way to go!