Carla... is a beautiful, gentle, sweet, medium-sized black retriever  x girl with eyes that break your heart. We have just rescued  herfrom Cork Pound where she was in very real danger of being put to sleep. (And as you can see, she looks very shell-shocked by the experience). She reminds me a lot, physically, of our own lovely boy Luka.

First impressions of Carla is that she is probably between 2 and 4 years old, friendly but a little shy.  She was fine with the other dogs in the pound.  She is vaccinated, neutered and should be arriving in the UK before the end of November - just in time, hopefully, to be able to settle into a new home before Christmas.

UPDATE 19/11/07

Wow... don’t the new pix make her look absolutely gorgeous? Carla has now been moved to a foster home in ireland where she is settling in slowly. She is a sweetie, but very unsure of herself.  Here’s what foster mum Loudi says:

“I'm finding her very shy,loves attention but too afraid to come and get it yet. Don't think she ever got much,not used to it. Gets on with other dogs just fine,no issues whatsoever. It will be a while before she'll find her real feet I reckon. Not a dog to cope with change easily. Missing a real comfort-zone. Still,i'd say that in the right home she will blossom and be absolutely fantastic,i've great faith in her. She comes naturally when called. Time is the main thing I think.”

We think Carla will do best in an experienced, calm household, perhaps with another gentle dog to help build her confidence and show her the ropes. She will need to be taught pretty much everything - including house-training and lead-training but it will be worth it. Carla shows every sign of becoming the most loving, sweet,  loyal  and treasured companion.

If you’d like to register interest in this lovely girl (either as a “forever” or a foster home) please email

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Carla, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him to the UK from Ireland.

(added 11/11/07)

Carla looking very forlorn in  Cork Pound