Charlie... is a sweet  gorgeous, rsmall retriever x (possibly with water spaniel) with a very shiny, rather unusual wavy coat. He was picked up as a stray in Dublin in early March and taken to Ashton Pound.

Charlie is a youngster, has a fabulous nature and gets on really well with people and other dogs. He has a slightly undershot lower jaw, but it barely detracts from his youthful good looks.

More info and pix as soon as we get them.

UPDATE 26/3/08

Oh this IS a nice boy!  Although he looks a tad wierd following a good clipping to get the dreads out of his ears. 

This from his Irish foster mum:

“It’s like I'm the first person to have ever given him a cuddle.  He cries his heart after me and I feel so sorry for him (if only we could explain to them about fostering eh!) He would be a super companion for someone living on their own as he loves one on one but not in an annoying, pestering way - he just loves to lie beside you at your feet or sit at the mat in the kitchen while I'm cooking etc.  He'd be a great companion for someone that had time to love him and he loves doing training.  We also have started clicker training and he is so so smart.  He has even started doing a bit of agility with me  He would benefit for more training classes to carry on with what we have started.  He is house-trained and doesn't chew anything. We had to cut his long wavy ears, they were flithy and full of matts.  Now I think he looks more like a lab  then a spaniel!

“He slidessssssssss up on to my lap so quietly and once he gets the back legs up - he puts his head on me and snores his little heart out! And he can't believe all the toys!!! He was practically in the toy box yesterday just pulling things out - he decided Kongs where his favourite (we have 7) and he collected them all from the toy box and brought them upstairs.  He doesn't like to share toys with my dogs so we take turns and have toy time upstairs which he absolutely loves. He'd make your heart bleed the way he runs like he is in heaven just from having an old tug in his mouth”

Charlie was neutered today and will be arriving in the UK this Saturday.

If you are interested in Charlie, please email asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Charlie, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland .

(added 23/3/08)