a gorgeous red setter who was surrendered to Dundalk Dog Pound after his owners got fed up with him wandering off (setters and no fencing not a great combination...).

Comet is fabulous - a happy, smiley, very affectionate boy.  Despite his reported wonderlust, he seems a very content lad now he’s enjoying some home comforts. It is true that he doesn’t stick terribly close on walks (so definitely needs a country home) but he keeps an eye on you and is often first back at the car ready to jump in.

We are told Comet is about six years old, but he seems much younger. He’s skinny, so his head looks a bit too big for his body at the moment but once he fills out he will be even more of a stunner.

Comet is great with other dogs, but in the home prefers to share with females or neutered males rather than entire males. He will be great with children, too.

Comet is the perfect setter if you’re attracted to the breed but nervous about their reputation for being flighty for he’s a steady boy - although his recall does need some work.

Comet is neutered, fully-vaxed, wormed etc and is being fostered in Ludgershall in Wiltshire with Jan, our ace setter fosterer (Thank you Jan!) (And thank you to Jacqui too who took him for the first week and really fell in love with this guy).

UPDATE 22/11/10

Rehomed!  Lovely Comet has gone to live in Renfrewshire with Annette and David (see pic below).

Comet is a bit of a project given his patchy recall but this home really impressed us with the amount of forethought and planning they put in to having Comet, which included asking for help from a Jan Fennell trained behaviourist who lives nearby. 

First reports are that he’s doing well - Comet is a truly loving boy, although pushing boundaries a bit. But sounds like he’s met his match!


UPDATE 29/7/11

From Annette + David

He goes from strength to strength - you would hardly believe he is the same dog that we picked up from you in November!  He is much calmer now and he enjoys his walks - the longer the better as far as he is concerned.

“He is such a lovely boy around the house and welcoming but very well mannered whenever we have any visitors.  He likes his walks but once we are back home he is very happy just chilling out - preferably in the same room with whoever is in. He is not in any way clingy but changed from when we got him and he watched our comings and goings with suspicion from the corner of the room.  Now that the weather is a bit warmer here (we got rain while you basked in the sunshine for weeks on end!) he has taken to lying just inside the door of the garden shed. Maybe he thinks it is a giant kennel.

“We had a lovely holiday on Islay a few weeks ago. Comet did really well on the 2 hour ferry journey - he was a bit nervous at first but he got over it with the help of the chef. He sniffed out the air vent from the galley  and made friends with the chef who fed him handfuls of the "roast of the day".

“He did fail on one front - his recall is still rubbish!  We let him go one day on a beautiful beach and he ran around us for a bit and then legged it. David had to run after him for miles before he managed to catch up. Comet thought this was a great game!  So back to the long line again.

“We also started going to agility classes a few month ago - just a fun class but the idea was to get him to be less reactive around other male dogs. For some reason he still gets a bit growly when he sees some dogs. No rhyme or reason to it - but it is usually male dogs and he does seem to dislike collies for some reason. Anyway it has improved massively - I think probably because he is a bit less edgy now.

He loves the agility and is quite good at it so we will keep it up - his classmates are all now working off lead but poor old Comet has still to stay on the lead in the meantime.

Anyway just to let you know that all is well!”

(added 20/10/10)