CONN... is a gorgeous, seven-year-old Irish setter who came into rescue in Ireland  after his much-loved owner died suddenly.

He has been a little spoiled and rather typically for a setter he can be a little stubborn and selectively deaf.  But Conn has a very sweet, affectionate personality and loves to rest his head on your lap. He also likes to hold conversations with you, sometimes rather loud ones (!) - but he’s in kennels at the moment and we’re sure he will settle down once he’s back in a home situation.  Conn is fine with other dogs but not particularly bothered with them and not interested in playing so can be happily rehomed either on his own or with canine company (perhaps not with a pestering pup, though...). He’s still pretty active and loves his walks - but is past the young hooligan stage. A setter-lite....

Conn was always with his previous owner so we think would prefer a home where he isn’t left for long.

UPDATE 17/10/09

The rescue in Ireland thought they’d found a home for Conn and off he went on trial, only to be returned 10 days later.  His new owner worked two hours a day and apparently found it too difficult to leave him.  A case of “Nowt so queer as folk”?  Or perhaps Conn objected to being left on his own and disturbed the neighbours?  We dont know for sure. 

The good news is that Conn arrives with us next week,  Oct 22, and will be going into foster  near Andover with lovely Jan, our setter expert extraordinaire.  The other bit of news is confirmation that Conn really is absolutely lovely with other dogs - poor chap has been the subject of amorous attention from another male dog since he arrived back at the sanctuary and he has, aparrently, taken the insult with very good grace.


Lovely Conn - an absolutely cracking boy this one who turned out to be one of the happiest dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Conn was much more playful than we anticipated too but, given two long walks a day, is as good as gold in the house.  We had quite a bit of interest, but  were keen for Conn to go to a home with another dog.  Thanks to Jean and Bob and their English Setter Jack for offering a great home for Conn in Hertfordshire. Big thanks to, to foster mum Jan for yet again doing steriling setter foster duty! She found it particularly tough to part with this fella! For very understandable reasons - isn’t he gorgeous?

(added 18/9/09)