CONNIE...  is a very sweet young lab x girl who landed as a stray in Dunboyne Pound on 11th March and was not reclaimed.

Although we don’t take many short-haired lab crosses, poor Connie was so distressed in the pound and those eyes were so pleading (see pix at foot of page) that we offered to take her.

Connie is now safe in kennels in Ireland, mixing very well with other dogs and full of kisses for any human visitors.

UPDATE 22/5/11

Connie arrived with us over a month ago and has proved to be the perfect houseguest here at BRX HQ - a sweet, loving, easy, very well-behaved girl who has fitted in seamlessly.

She’s housetrained, settles fine if left, loves the car and  is great on lead. She is also terrific off-lead - she doesn’t go far, constantly loops back to check on you and, as she tires, simply drops in on your left and walks perfectly alongside you. Ah, and she LOVES water - so much so that we would really love her new home to have access to the sea or water where she can swim.

So Connie is completely perfect, then? Well, no... she’s not good with cats and although terrific with dogs she knows, she can be a bit growly in close proximity with dogs she is uncertain of - or on a lead when walked by another dog she doesn’t know. (Absolutely fine if she’s off-lead though.)  It really is a lack of confidence, not aggression, but for this reason, we think it probably better for her to be in a country situation where she doesn’t have to face loads of strange dogs every day.

This has proven a total non-issue here - she mixes just fine with my lot and I’ve never had a problem meeting other dogs on walks,  but she failed on a trial re-home a couple of weeks ago in an area where she had to encounter quite a few strange dogs on on-lead walks.

As with Ronan, don’t let this put you off too much - she’s a cracker, really she is, and an incredibly loving, loyal dog who adores people.

UPDATE 9/6/11

Connie’s occasional growliness with other dogs has all but disappeared - she mixes really well with all of ours (happy to curl up with any of them) and she is much less anxious around other dogs when out walking on a lead, although may growl or curl a lip if a new dog invades her space too much (again, only on lead). Connie now knows we will keep her safe and has confidence in our judgement so is much more relaxed. Gone too is the rather haunted look in her eyes; she’s now a less needy, more happy-go-lucky girl. She’s a love, she really is.

If you are interested in Connie,, please email asap.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Connie, which includes the cost of transport from Ireland, vaxing, flea-treating + microchipping. Connie has been spayed.

(added 31/3/11)

Above: Connie in foster in Wiltshire with us and, below, pleading for help in Dunboyne Pound