DJ... was found wandering in the Irish countryside in a distressed state and was lucky enough to be taken in by the Animal Care Society in Ireland.

DJ is 5-7 months old and a lab crossed with... well, we’re not sure. His coat is a little longer than a lab’s, and so is his nose.... He is small (knee-height), but still has a little growing to do (although he will always be a small dog). He is a gorgeous, playful, sweet, gentle  boy who is very lovable and he will make a wonderful family pet - suitable even for a first-time home, we think.

He arrived from Ireland last Thursday and has settled very quickly with his lovely foster mum, Vanda. He gets on well with other dogs, and will be fine with children.  He loves his food.  He is fine to be left for a couple of hours but as he’s such a youngster, he will need a home where there is someone home most of the time.

He is nervous of the car at the moment, but this will soon change as he learns that they are a mode of transport to wonderful places to run free!

DJ is still a puppy so will do puppyish things and will need to go to training classes. He is vaccinated and wormed but not yet neutered.

If you are interested in adopting DJ, please email

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(updated 15/4/07)