Daisy was surrendered to an Irish pound in Feburary, less than a year old.  As a surrender, she could be destroyed straight away, so we stepped in to save her.  And goodness knows how anybody could have given her up for she is an absolute sweetie with a lovely, outgoing nature; affectionate but not clingy; curious and eager to please.

So we were delighted when Melissa Briggs and family, from East Sussex, expressed interest in her as a companion for their flatcoat x, Panda.  And we hope Daisy appreciates just how lucky she is to have found such a gorgeous home. The huge house and grounds (oh yes, we’re talking grounds here, not just a back garden...!) are undoubtedly dog heaven.

Panda and Daisy are now a real couple - snuggling up together at night and often under the same table during the day,” says Melissa in her latest email. “She is much calmer and has become a much loved member of the family.  The kids love her and today she helped Freddie who was practicing his golf by collecting his balls for him.  Also loves ball-girling when we are playing tennis.  Whenever we play she runs around the court endlessly at a zillion miles per hour - has not quite got the hang of the fact that the netting keeps the balls in!

We are so pleased and grateful to you for finding her for us.”

Daisy, too, now emails us.. (SUCH a clever girl!): “Just so you know I'm ok and smelling the flowers. Its very comfortable here - I have several different places I can sleep or chew, and there seem to be plenty of toys to play with.  Have been doing lots of lessons, but sometimes little snacky things come out of her pocket which make it more interesting.  I can do down really quickly, as well as Panda, and stay a bit, but he is better at that.  I lose my concentration.  She is also trying to get me to give my paw to her, but I am not sure why.  Panda does it really well, especially for the milkman.  I got into his float today - he seems a nice kinda guy and gave me a biscuit!  Today we went out chasing and finding balls in the woods - I think I was better at bringing them back than Panda, but he was better at finding them.   It's a tough job, but someone has to do it and we made a good team.”

(updated 10/4/07)