Daisy... is a really  lovely 6-year-old retriever x who was surrendered to Dundalk pound a week ago by her elderly owners who could no longer look after her. With the pound full to overflowing, she was in real danger of being put to sleep but she survived because she won the heart of the warden. Daisy, he says, is one of the happiest souls he has ever met.

She is a lively girl and full of fun. She gets on well with other dogs, is really friendly with everyone she meets, and loves attention.  She will need a lot of brushing (which she adores!) to clear her coat of dead hair, and she’s a little overweight so will need to be on short rations for a while.  (We suspect she was much loved by her elderly owners who rather over-indulged and under-exercised her...) With a bit of TLC and lots of good walks, she is going to be an extremely beautiful girl.

Daisy is lead-trained, spayed, vaccinated and wormed.  She will suit just about any family, with or without children, but, as ever, we are always keen for our  BRXs to go to stimulating, active homes as they are rarely couch potatoes, even when a little older.

If you’re interested in the delightful Daisy, who will be arriving in the UK in mid-August, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(updated 5/8/07)