Danny...  landed in Dunboyne pound in Ireland last week and is a lab/collie x.  He is in poor condition and was very distressed to find himself  in the pound, but in spite of this is very affectionate and friendly to humans.

As his life was in serious danger, we’ve offered to take him and we’re delighted we did. Now out of the pound and in kennels, it’s clear that Danny is a sweet, soft and gentle boy who will blossom quickly with a bit of TLC.

New pix arriving tomorrow (hopefully of Danny looking a little less shellshocked) so check back then!

UPDATE 5/12/07

Well the new pictures have yet to materialise, but Danny has settled well in kennels and has now been neutered and vaccinated.  He’s very affectionate, fine with other dogs, and pretty good on a lead.

Danny arrives in the UK this Friday and we’ll update with more pix and info in the next few days.

UPDATE 16/12/07

Danny arrived a week ago and is such a lovely lad - much more handsome than in his pictures, and as gentle and affectionate as they come. “His ribs are like a washboard,” says his foster mum, Sylvia, who has put him on three meals a day to help get some condition on him. “He is beginning to come out of his shell. I let him off the lead today and he really enjoyed himself. He plays with my red setter, Brendan, and also loves to play ball.  He’s good in the car and walks pretty well on a lead. He’s also house-trained and has been fine to leave for an hour or so. Oh, and he loves to give kisses! He’s a really, really nice boy.”

UPDATE 31/12/07

Danny is a really sweet boy  - a  happy, chilled house dog who loves a cuddle but is just as happy to curl up quietly at your feet.   He has blossomed in the past couple of weeks  and is now a perfect weight and has a lovely shiny coat.

Danny loves  his walks and is playful, too, but overall is a fairly placid boy, we think between two and three years old. We also suspect , from his welcoming voice when foster mum Sylvia arrives home, that he has some hound in him - perhaps a basset/collie x?

There is one blot on his copy-book. Last week, after having been absolutely fine with other dogs, Danny  suddenly went for a collie x he met on a walk.  We suspect Danny has been bullied in the past and feel that is this, together with all the upheaval and  his recent  castration (which can cause a temporary surge in remaining testosterone)  that caused this unexpected upset.

We are confident that Danny just needs a reasonably experienced home and  training classes to restore his confidence with other dogs but he will be rehomed with the ongoing support of our behaviourist until he is settled.

Don’t be too put off by this - Danny is 99 per cent divine and we really do feel the altercation was untypical.  He’s also particularly deserving  -  just a regular guy who doesn’t have the film-star looks that would have secured him a new home in Ireland. He would never have seen in 2008 if we hadn’t stepped in to save him so it would be wonderful to find him a loving new home where he will be truly treasured.

f you’d like to register interest in Danny  please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Danny, which includes the £65 it cost to transport him to the UK from Ireland.

(added 27/11/07)

A very shell-shocked Danny in Dunboyne pound

Such doleful eyes.. but  don’t be fooled/ Danny is a very happy boy!