Dewey... is a lovely, large, affectionate black retriever x, 7 to 9  months old, surrendered to the pound because his family, who have four young children, didn’t have time for him. In fact, poor Dewey is just desperate for someone to give him some  proper attention and boundaries. Oh, and actually take him for a walk sometimes - or perhaps play with him.  He doesn’t seem to know what toys are for and his face was a picture when he saw what was clearly his first cow this morning.

Dewey is a lively, strong, characterful, huggy-bear of a dog, with a very cute quiff on the top of his head. He is already quite big and is going to get bigger  (big feet....!). We think he is a lab/collie x, but haven’t completely ruled out some Newfoundland in there! He has a really beautiful, full coat that gleams in the sun.

He is fine with other dogs but we’d prefer a home where he is the only dog as he deserves (and needs) some one-to-one attention.  We  like this boy a lot.... he is the perfect dog for an active, experienced  home that will really relish channelling him.  In the right hands, he has all the makings of a truly memorable dog.

He pulls on a lead but is good off-lead, sticking pretty close by. He likes to chase rabbits, but is way too slow and unfit to catch them at the moment! He is a little overweight and we suspect he has had very little exercise and even less training. But he is bright and wants to do the right thing. He will quickly learn.

(updated 12/8/07)

He will be fine with older children, but they will

need to be confident with dogs as he likes to jump up and give you a hug...!

He is very food-orientated (as are many bored dogs) and a little possessive around food with other dogs(although he’s totally  fine with people).

Dewey is vaccinated and wormed and will be neutered soon.  He is being fostered in Wiltshire. If you would like to meet him, please email

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

This pic and below:

surrendered to Ashton dog pound and in imminent

danger of being put to sleep

This pic and below: safely arrived in Wiltshire.. waiting for his forever home...