DIGBY (was Zeus).... well, you’ll need a fair-sized house and garden for this boy for he’s enormous. And he’s just gorgeous!

Digby landed in Dunboyne pound as a stray a couple of weeks ago. He had a small length of blue twine hanging from his collar. Combined with his big, thick outside coat, he has clearly been living tethered outside.

Our best guess is that Digby is a Newfoundland/Landseer x collie. He is a youngster and a real gentle giant who is undemanding and very sweet with other dogs. He plays beautifully with his foster-sister who is less than half the size of him and although he loves his food he will let her eat from his bowl.

At the moment Digby is a little nervous of coming inside, but this will soon change once he discovers the many joys of inside living.  He is very clean outdoors, taking himself off to a corner to relieve himself.

He is a little reluctant to get in a car and he’s strong on a lead, but he’s a bright boy and will soon learn the ropes.

UPDATE 3/3/2011

Digby managed to hitch a lift over from Ireland at the last minute last night and arrived with us in the wee hours of this morning. And he’s just as gorgeous as we expected - a very soft, cuddly giant who is great with children, adults and other dogs. He has also shown absolutely no interest in his temp foster home’s free-range hens. He did show a bit too much interest in the rabbit but we were able to lure him away.

He has shown no shyness about coming indoors and, given a bit of a cuddle, curled up on a dog bed and drifted off to sleep. Bless....

UPDATE 12/4/2011

Rehomed! This lovely boy went to his new home in Essex last week and is settling in wonderfully with resident collies Meg and Finn. And he’s already had his first agility class which he loved!

A big thank you to Alison for offering him exactly the right kind of loving, active and stimulating home that is perfect for him!

(added 1/3/11)

Above: Digby in foster in Ireland. Below: in Dunboyne Pound... a gorgeous gentle giant in need of help.