DIXON.. is a beautiful young purebred lab boy who landed in Dundalk pound two weeks ago with his brother, Ronan

The two boys were very stressed in the pound an, last week, both were on the put to sleep list, two unwanted youngsters that had clearly been half-starved.

Wonderfully, as soon as they were out of the pound and into a foster home, the two boys transformed.  They are both extremely sweet and loving -  playful of course because they’re only young (we think about six months) and no one has put any time in to them, but these two have all the makings of lovely family dogs.

We are looking for a foster home that can take both of them when they first arrive. Should be fun!

They are too young to be neutered, but will be fully-vaccinated, wormed, de-flea’d and microchipped.

UPDATE 4/3/11

New pix of Ronan and Dixon reveal that they are a little older than they looked from their picture in the pound - perhaps 8-10 months.

The great news is that they are both wonderful - good-looking, working-bred labs who are affectionate and extremely well-behaved. Other than the fact that they eat like ravenous wolves, their Irish foster dad is full of praise for them, commenting on their perfect recall and how quick they are to learn.  He says they are a real pleasure to have around.

Although our default is that it is a bad idea to rehome two litter siblings together, the two boys really do love each other too so we will assess this further when they arrive to see if they should stay together. Please let us know, then, if you might be interested in taking the pair.

UPDATED 31/3/11

Dixon and his brother arrived 10 days ago and they are both just lovely - sweet, unassuming, biddable boys who will make wonderful family dogs. We still think they’d be fine as a pair as they really do get on very well, but, equally, they’d be great on their own and do not fret when separated from each other as long as they have you for company.

Dixon is the cuddlier of the two and loves to be at your side/your feet.  He stops dead on a whistle and comes flying back to you.  He’s great with other dogs, people and children.  We are pretty sure he’d be good with cats too.

Dixon is housetrained, settles brilliantly in the house, is great in the car, good on the lead and terrific off-lead. He loves water (the muddier the puddle the better!) Really, the classic family labrador.

If homed without Ronan, Dixon would do best in a home with another dog for company and where there is someone around for most of the day.

If you are interested in Dixon (or Dixon and Ronan), please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.  Both boys are fostering with us in Wiltshire.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Dixon, which includes the cost of transporting him from Ireland.  We can do a deal if someone is interested in taking both of them!

(added 1/3/11)

Above, Dixon (left) with his brother Ronan. Below, a very stressed boy in Dundalk Pound