Dylan.... is just lovely - a handsome,  bright,  gentle, affectionate retriever/collie x with a stunning temperament. We think he would make a great agility/obedience dog as he’s nimble and fast but also steady and eager to please.  Dylan, between 14 + 18 months old, arrived with us from Ireland a month ago (initially called Johan for those who remember him from then).  We found him a lovely home which hasn’t worked out for him  due to a combination of a not-totally secure garden near fast roads and the fact that Dylan currently finds it hard to be left alone if it involves closing a door on him (we think because he was probably locked up for hours on end in Ireland).  He also needs a little supervision around cats/hens and other livestock (although he is learning fast to ignore them and all he wants to do is play).

We know nothing about Dylan’s past as he was picked up as a stray but, apart from his phobia about closed doors, he shows no sign of being abused, is house-trained, is great both on and off a lead, travels well in the car, takes most things in his stride, is loving but not clingy and he is fantastic with children and other dogs.  He really does love children and is very gentle with even very little ones.

Dylan would fit in just about anywhere but given his potential we would love him to go to  an active home which can commit to his further training and where there is someone around for most of the day - particularly to begin with to settle him in. Applications from a home with an existing canine resident would be particularly welcome as we think this will help him find his feet. 

Dylan is neutered, vaccinated and wormed and currently being fostered in Wiltshire. If you would like to meet him, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

We ask those adopting a dog from Ireland to cover the cost of transport (£65) in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(updated 25/6/07)