FEEBY..  is a collie pup we rescued from Monaghan pound in Ireland in March 2011.  She was surrendered along with her brother. Two unwanted collie babies.

Sadly, Feeby’s brother died in the pound - we’re told eaten alive by worms.  And then, having lost her brother,and with the pound overflowing, Feeby found herself on the put to sleep list along with 18 other dogs.

We don’t take many collies but she looked a sweetie [see pic of her in the pound at foot of page] and we couldn’t bear for her to not be given a chance so... a couple of weeks later, she arrived with us... and she’s been with us ever since, initially in two wonderful foster homes and, for the past several months with us here at BRX HQ.

And she’s fabulous, a soft, super-bright, affectionate, obedient girl with an enormous number of strengths and absolutely no weaknesses, other than that she can be a bit collie-yappy at strangers if you let her and she’s an independent girl on walks (although she has great recall, so it isn’t a problem). 

Feeby is good on a lead, good off-lead, a bit shy of grown-ups until she gets to know them, but adores children (and we would trust her with even little ones - there is no hint of a collie snap).

She really is a total delight to have around, which is one of the reasons we have been slow to rehome her. The other two reasons are that we’re looking for a home with space where she can enjoy an outdoorsy life. She loves her creature comforts, but Feeby just loves to take herself off and chill in the shade under a tree - a self-possessed young lady who from time to time needs some time to herself. A suburban postage stamp is not for this girl. She also, we feel, needs another dog for company and play because, although not at all hyper, she is active and she absolutely loves other dogs.

Ah, and there’s one other reason we haven’t yet rehomed her.  She  elected herself foster mum of two of Orla’s pups when they came to stay with us last summer - and we still have one of them (the gorgeous Wrigley). The pair get on incredibly well and if we could wave a magic wand, it would be to find these two a country home together.

Feeby is now 14 months old and the most recent pix of her are the three at the foot of the page.

She is fully vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated, microchipped and she was spayed three  months ago after her first season.

If you are interested in fab Feeby, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.  She is with us, just south of Marlborough in Wilts.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Feeby, which includes the cost of transporting her from Ireland.

(updated 3/4/12)

Fab Phoebe - now safe and sound but, above, in the pound in Ireland, only hours away from being put to sleep. Below, Phoebe on Salisbury Plain