Fenton...  is a very lucky boy as he will be one of  the last dogs to make it out of Ireland before the Christmas shutdown.

He looks like a classic black retriever cross and is a young, friendly, playful  lad,  He has been moved to safety from the pound and will be arriving  in the UK shortly.  We will update with more pix and info as soon as possible.

UPDATE 16/12/07

Fenton has spent the past two weeks in very busy, over-stretched Irish rescue kennels so we still don’t know very much about him - except that he is a lovely friendly boy - we think about two years old - and medium-sized. These new pix, taken this week in Ireland, hint at a retriever/spaniel cross.

This boy arrives in the UK next Thursday and he is in real need of some TLC. Again, we are desperately short of foster homes at the moment.  If you could help him (either as a potential “forever” home or a foster over the Christmas period) please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

UPDATE 25/12/07

Fenton arrived last week and, thanks to Nick and Lesley in Letchworth, is spending Christmas Day  enjoying some home comforts. Good reports so far - he’s a very affectionate, lively boy who’s terrific with people and great with other dogs.  He’s never lived in a house before, but his house-training is coming along well and he settles reasonably quickly when left. He does get anxious when someone leaves the house, but this is being worked on and should resolve once he realises he’s not going to be abandoned again.

Temperament wise he is very good and quite submissive,“ says his foster dad, Nick  “He does sometimes try and grab your sleeve when he is excited but there is no malice. I have also had my hand in his mouth on numerous occasions to extract various objects that he has found with no problem.  He tends to roll over on his back at the slightest invitation. He appeared to know sit and paw already and has picked up down (command and hand signal). He was a bit scared of a horse I let him watch cantering around a field yesterday and is good with other dogs but wants to move away if they appear aggressive. Have not met a cat yet but I suspect he would chase if it ran. No problems with food possession. we are feeding him dry Chappie which he wolfs down and seems to tolerate well. He does jump up on furniture and kitchen counter and table with front paws which we are working on but has not tried drinking out of sink yet !”

Fenton should be the perfect dog for a busy, active family who are prepared to commit to classes and help this lovely lad achieve his full potential.

UPDATE 27/12/07

Fenton is settling more and more every day and

as these new pictures show, is a very handsome, chunky young man ( more spaniel than retriever-size)  He is very affectionate and we feel would be fine with even quite young children as long as they don’t mind the occasional boisterous bump.

UPDATE 27/12/07

Fenton is just divine in the flesh (he’d gone straight to a foster home when he arrived and I met him for the first time yesterday) and he also has the most gorgeous silky coat. Super-friendly, too. He’s a confident, well-adjusted boy who has clearly never suffered - a bit of an overgrown cheeky puppy at the moment, but there isn’t a bad bone in his body (just look at those soft eyes!). This bright boy will make the most wonderful, characterful, loving friend.

f you are interested, please email us at info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Fenton, which includes the £65 it cost to transport him to the UK from Ireland.

(added 9/12/07)

Fenton in Dunboyne