FLYNN... is a really lovely and very handsome retrievery boy who has been through the wars and is looking for a loving home with the time and patience to devote to restoring his faith in human nature.

A woman found him in her driveway one evening when she returned from the pub. She fed him for a few days then took him to nearby Cottage Rescue in Tipperary.

Hannah, who runs Cottage Rescue, has this to say about this shy young man:

I sat with him today and he gradually came to me on his tummy, god love him but somebody has beaten him for what-ever-reason but he has no malice at all in his body and has no problem with other dogs and the lady that found him said he was better with her kids than her, funny how they nearly pick out the innocence in children and seem not to fear them.”

Flynn is afraid of going through doors and gates, but we think he will come round pretty quickly - especially with the help of a more confident dog that can show him the ropes.

He looks to be about 2-3 years old and is in good health. He is vaccinated, flea-treated and wormed but not yet neutered (something that should be done once he’s settled).

UPDATE 23//6/10

Some new pix of Flynn (2nd and 3rd from top). What a very retrievery boy he is... quite chunky too. It waits to be revealed whether this is all hair or all pies, although given his history I imagine it’s the former.

UPDATE 25/7/10

Flynn arrived last Thursday and he’s divine...and nothing like as timid as we expected, although he is nervous when he first meets men. After a few quiet-ish days, he’s coming out of himself... still a respectful boy but no means a shrinking violet! We suspect he went through one really horrible incident, but he so clearly wants to trust and put it all behind him  that we think his complete emotional recovery won’t take long. But credit is due, too, to Cottage Rescue in Tipperary, who took him in as a totally terrified, half-starved dog only a few weeks ago.

Flynn really enjoys his walks and loves being off-lead on Salisbury Plain (as you can see from the pix!). He is a nimble, athletic, springy boy - a bit more collie-ish now he’s relaxing - and will soon work off the pound or two of excess he put on in rescue in Ireland. 

He’s getting on fabulously with his new foster brothers - two entire, and one neutered male (three of the nicest boys you could ever meet). He is housetrained and settles at night, after a short whinge about being confined to the kitchen.

Flynn would fit in well with any active home that can offer him company, stimulation and lots of great walks. We think he would be just lovely for a young family with children. We would love to see him homed with another dog, but could be convinced he can go as an only dog if it’s the right home and there would be plenty of opportunities to socialise with other dogs.

We think Flynn could remain as an entire dog given his soft and sweet nature (rescue heresy this, but the scientific evidence for neutering is not conclusive, and we can’t see any reason for doing it just for the sake of it). He is fully-vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated.

Flynn is being fostered near Andover (thank you Jan!)

UPDATE 29/8/10

Well, in truth we could have rehomed Flynn a hundred times we had so much interest in him and it was an incredibly hard choice.  But the lucky couple are Tim and Sue from Cheshire and their lovely daughter Lauren.  Flynn is proving a wonderful companion for their smashing young goldie boy, Jack.

I should say that we don’t insist that all our adopters buy a brand new Land-Rover for one of our dogs, but it certainly didn’t hurt Tim and Sue’s application! Hopefully they’ll find some other  uses for it apart from dog transport!

(added 20/6/10)

Above: in rescue in Ireland and, below, loving his walks on Salisbury Plain