(added 7/7/12)

FOSSE is a beautiful, big retriever x boy who arrived with us wearing so much coat that we thought at first that he was a Newfoundland x. (See second pic down...)But  ace foster mum Cheryl got to work on him and, as you can see, out emerged a stunning boy much relieved to be rid of all that excess hair.

We think Fosse is a GSD/retriever x. He is about four years old and he’s an affectionate, steady, loyal, gentle and slightly reserved boy who is coming a little more out of his shell every day. He now just about dares to give your elbow a little nudge in the hope of a cuddle.  We don’t think anything bad has ever happened to him - he was just neglected.

Fosse is in a foster home with a male lab and a female lab x with whom he gets on really well. He’s been good with every dog he’s met - although did respond when attacked recently by a Golden Retriever recently (not unreasonably, we thought...). He is currently sharing with a cat, but he is too interested to allow unsupervised access.  When he first arrived, Fosse spent many hours watching the cat through the french windows (Cat TV as it became known) and he still likes to watch the fish in pescatorium (it’s rather too grand to be called a pond!) at his foster home.  

Fosse is just lovely with all people he meets, and he loves - and is very gentle with - children.

Fosse settles beautifully in the house and despite his size never seems to get in the way. Out, he’s livelier - quite strong on a lead and his recall needs some work. He  does come back to check on you, but is confident enough to disappear for a few minutes in the hunt for squirrels and rabbits

We have had a lot of interest in Fosse but haven’t found a home that we think is absolutely right for him.

He is looking for a home with another dog for company and to initiate play (he won’t do this on his own, but really loves it once he gets going).  He also needs a family that has experience of a large, strong dog and can commit to working on his recall when out.  We think training classes will be a huge help.  It’s not that he’s disobedient  - it’s just that he is used to doing his own thing.

Fosse is fully-vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and neutered. He is being fostered in Oxfordshire.

The rehoming fee for Fosse is £150 plus VAT (£180 in total.) If you are interested in this beautiful boy, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap!

Above: Fosse in Ireland with his huge great coat.. and, below, what came out of him!