FREDDIE... doesn’t look much in these pix (better ones on the way we hope) but he is fabulous boy - a big, soft, very affectionate bear of a dog who is between 4 and 6yrs old.  So not a youngster, but he’s still playful and everyone who has met him says he’s a smasher.

Freddie landed in Ashton pound in Ireland as a stray a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t reclaimed. He is terrific with other dogs - perhaps a little too keen on the laydeeez  at the moment but a trip to the vet next week will put paid to that. He is a gentle boy with nice manners and he walks well on a lead - all in all, a lovely boy who would have struggled to find a home in Ireland because he’s big and black and a little older, so we’re really hoping someone will take him into their hearts here.

UPDATE 4/4/10

We can’t say enough nice things about this fella (and not just because he’s an older boy and no great shakes to look at, we promise...). Freddie has wowed everyone at the rescue centre in Ireland where he’s been moved from the pound. He’s an absolute gent - a big bear of a boy (although v skinny under that coat at the moment) who is brilliant with people and other dogs. Freddie is very sweet, gentle and affectionate.

Freddie’s teeth gave him away as being a bit older than we first thought (he could be as old as 8) but we have taken the opportunity of having them cleaned while he was under being neutered this week and now there’s nothing to tell that he is getting on a bit - and not least because he has no stiffness at all and is very playful.

UPDATE 30/5/10

Great news... Freddie is settling in wonderfully with his new mum and dad, Bernie and Mike, near Manchester:

Here's the latest on our naughty boy Freddie with whom we wouldn't part with for anything.   He had to make another trip to the vet last week because when I was thinning out the fur on his front legs, I found a sore.  Vet wasn't too concerned, gave us cream and we take him back tomorrow.  The good news is that they took the opportunity to weigh him again and he has put about 3/ 4 lbs on.  Still a long way to go, at the first visit we were told he was about a stone underweight, and I think it will take some time. 


He hasn't made it into the duck pond yet but he has taken to defending the garden against the birds sitting on the fence.

This morning though was his most dramatic performance to date; we set out through the front door at 7.00 am for the morning walk only to see 2 big, fat rabbits hopping down the road.  Well he went ballistic, yelped, squealed and barked his head off, woke the neighbours and set the other dogs off.  Do you think he must have gone hunting in his his past life?


A good friend from Donegal thinks that he has spent time with the "Knackers"


Freddie doesn't seem to like some male dogs, we are having words about it, but is very gooey eyed with the ladies.  Should inproove hopefully


He is perfect with people and is especially fond of our little grandaughter.  He isn't put out by the hot weather and has enjoyed spending time in the paddling pool with the children.


He has brought so much joy back into our lives, please tell the people in Ireland.”

This we have done - and they are absolutely thrilled that Freddie has found himself such a lovely home! Thank you Bernie and Mike! And just check out the pic below... doesn’t he look terrific?

(added 28/3/10)

Above, Freddie safe in rescue and, below, looking rather worried in Ashton pound

Above: Freddie in the pound in Ireland and, below, with his lovely new family near Manchester!