Gemma...  was surrendered to Dunboyne pound last week. She’s a young collie x and for two days  she was so scared she just  huddled in the corner.

It can be a risk to take a dog like this as she could be fear-aggressive but  she reminded me so much of  gorgeous Tickle, who arrived as rigid with fear as this, and so we offered to take her..

So far so good... turns out that Gemma is a sweetie and she has the offer of an Irish foster home where she can be properly assessed in the next couple of weeks. She’s not out of the woods just yet, though. Gemma has a temperature and is currently at the vets.  If she makes it (and it’s looking pretty good), she will be vaccinated and neutered and will arrive in the UK after Christmas.

UPDATE 25/12/07

Phew... the little girl made it,  has now been spayed and just made it into her Irish foster home in time for Christmas.  Wonderful reports so far  - she’s a sweet, shy, very well-behaved girl who is wonderful with children.

UPDATE 27/1/08

Lovely Gemma’s confidence is building thanks to foster mum Linda, although she is still clingy at home and timid and easily spooked when she’s out.  It will take time for her to truly know that the world is not there to hurt her and she is never going to be a super-brave girl, but in the right hands she will quickly blossom.

Gemma is house-trained and great both on and off lead. The vet thinks that she is between one and two years old and she is small/medium with a beautiful coat. A really lovely girl.

If you are tempted by  this sweetie, please email

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Gemma, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her to the UK from Ireland.

(added 16/12/07)

Gemma, terrified, in Dunboyne pound

just before


Safe and sound

in foster in Hertfordshire