Buddy (was Glen)... is a red setter/collie x (mum the red setter) and he was just 9 months old when we were asked to rehome him in March 2007.

Buddy was the only one of an unwanted litter to survive and he was skin and bone when rescued by a couple who found him on a beach in Cork. Despite his traumatic start in life he was clearly a gem - a gentle boy who was really lovely with even young children.

He was a little timid, particularly of men, and we think there had been some upset around food as he approached his bowl very cautiously and didn’t eat well. 

Because we knew quite a bit about Buddy before he came over, we were able to place him immediately with the Botterill family from Portsmouth. It’s always on trial, of course, but it proved a match made in heaven.  Garry and Martina and their two children are the perfect family for Buddy - loving, run, relaxed and totally committed to giving Buddy a fresh start.  Here’s an email from the lad himself (amazing how talented these black retriever crosses are..):

“Hello Jemima!


I  just thought you ought to know how I'm doing because you helped me find my new home!


“Having got off to decidedly dodgy start in life I was really pleased to take the ferry to Portsmouth and meet my new family.

“The first day was great!  I was able to run wild in the big garden with those flat nosed other dogs that came along ... or was it flat coated retrievers? Anyway we had a great time and the new family looked quite promising. Just to be sure that they were loving and considerate I kicked up quite a fuss on the first night and howled a bit.

“Well, the bloke I now call dad, came downstairs and slept with me and made things feel safe and secure.  Even when I had the odd accident he was cool and didn't get angry with me! 

“I sort of decided then that I would stay here and give it a go. The rest of the pack were lovely, a nine year old boy called Daniel who is always doing something interesting, a twelve year old girl who loves to train and groom me and my Mum is gorgeous!

She gives me lovely treats and makes me feel so special.


“They said that I was "Like a squirrel on a lead" but I have since impressed them on by walking brilliantly ( OK they had to use a 'Halti' to get me used to walking properly!).  Dad now takes me for runs on a lead and he's such a slow coach I can easily keep pace with him. I have learned so much, like sitting, lie down, roll over stay and come.  It's all so easy but it seems to please them and that makes me happy too!


“They have found some treats to keep my interest levels up and constantly praise me when I do well,  It makes me feel like an important member of the pack!


“We all went to a dog show (It was my first) and I won a rosette for being one of the most handsome dogs!


“When I arrived they said I was good with cats .. how good can you  be with those feline marvels?  Minnie and Frodo seem to rule the roost here and they are like magic... they appear out of nowhere and vanish like magicians.  I would really like to give them a good sniff but they hiss and spit at me!  Oh well, it might take some time to win them over!


“They said that I was a bit naff at retrieving balls, but I now have a great mini rugby ball which is my favorite toy and unlike those girly round balls this one is for a proper dog! (You never know just quite how it is going to land).


“We have been for some great walks but my favorite walk is on the hill,  I am such a social dog and I love seeing my pals there, after training with the long lead I have learned to come back when called and I even get rewarded with tasty treats!


“I have spent some time checking out the perimeter security of my new garden and having identified some areas that I could breach. I am pleased to report that dad has rectified the problem areas and I no longer feel the urge to escape.


“I love to play chase!  I don't mind if I am chasing or being chased, sometime I steal socks or stuff that they need just to get them to chase me!  I stole my dad's paint brush the other day when he was decorating our new lounge, well he needed a break and some light entertainment!


“I also help with the garden, I have done quite a lot of digging.  I am not sure my folks really appreciate my help but I know that they appreciate me in every other way. I have spent quite a lot of time training them and they are responding well.  They occasionally bemoan the the amount of hair I contribute to the den but I can tell that they really love me.


“All in all I am really happy here in my forever home and I love my new name, because I truly am everybody's Buddy!

 They all love me and I love them too!  I show it constantly with my waggy tail and my kisses.


“Thank you so much for finding me my new home, I love being in this pack and they all love me.  I know that without people like you I might not of had a future at all, I hope you will continue your excellent work so that dogs like me can bring joy and happiness into other homes.








A huge thank you to Garry + family for giving Buddy such a stunning new life!

Now THIS is what it’s all about.... 



(updated 16/7/07)

This pic and above: Glen in Ireland  - a beautiful but skinny boy who had been dumped on a beach

This pic and below:

just look at him now!