HARVEY... is good-looking two-year-old lab/retriever x who was picked up as a stray in Lancashire.  He is medium-sized with a semi-long coat - very friendly, but a little lost and nervous at the moment (as well he might be).

From mid-next week, Harvey will be fostered in Lancashire (nr Preston) and we will update with more pix and info as soon as we can.

We do often favour homes in the southern half of the UK, simply because it’s closer to us, so Harvey is a great possibility for a home in or near the north-west.


Harvey about the size of a flatcoat bitch, medium coated, shorter muzzle, quite round eyes, so collie. Temperament - loves people, clingy boy, not very confident, very loving, wants to be with you, such a little cuddle-bum.  Everyone’s friend.  Fine with children of 9/10. Fine with family.  Poss housetrained.  Entire.  All black.  Travels well.  Nice looking.  A lovely little boy, sweet.

If you would like to express preliminary interest in Harvey, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Harvey,

(added 6/4/08)