Henry...  landed in Ashton pound 10 days ago, very thin, matted and starving. The team there were very surprised he wasn’t reclaimed as he is a sweet, shy, gentle boy - plus there were posters up locally for a missing black dog called Bruno who was wearing a blue collar.

Several messages were left but the owners have not responded, so we’ve saved Henry/Bruno from being put to sleep and, as you can see, with a bit of TLC he is going to be stunning.

His foster mum in Ireland, Stephanie, says he is absolutely lovely - wonderful with her toddler and fine with her three cats. “He’s getting more relaxed and happy - chased a ball for me today, and is just incredibly affectionate. He curls up his whole big body in my lap for cuddles!  I hope he finds a permanent home soon, he really deserves it.”

Henry is medium-sized, vaccinated, due to be neutered this week, and we think between 18 months and  two years old. He will be arriving in the UK before Christmas. We are very short of foster homes at the moment and would love to hear from anyone who could offer Danny a refuge, even if just short-term. Christmas is no time for kennels...

UPDATE 5/12/07

The vet has revised Henry’s age to more like four years old, so a little older than we first thought. It’s hard to be fooled, though, as Henry behaves like a youngster (in a good way...!).

Poor boy  has had an upset tummy, which is now beginning to clear up. He is still extremely thin  though - at 16kg probably half what he should be, so he’s going to need a lot of building up.   Because of his weight, he cannot yet be neutered.

Foster mum Stephanie let him off the lead on the beach yesterday and he was thrilled. He came back when called except when there was another dog to say hello to (so some recall training to do there!).

UPDATE 16/12/07

Henry arrived in the UK on Friday and is being fostered by Ian, Hayley and their son Oliver in Hereford (thank you!). So far so good - Henry is eating well, is good in the car, walks well on a lead,  is very well behaved and very affectionate.   He’s a little clingy at the moment but that’s to be expected!

If you would be interested in offering Henry a “forever”  home, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Henry, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him to the UK from Ireland.

(added 2/12/07)

Henry in danger in

Ashton pound

Great with kids!

UPDATE 31/12/07

Ian, Hayley and their son Oliver, who have been fostering Henry since he arrived have decided they would like to keep him.   It’s a fantastic home, and Henry is doing really well there, so we’re delighted.  Henry is currently enjoying a Christmas break with relatives in Devon where he has proved a star with the resident cat.  He is a really lovely boy - incredibly affectionate in the house, a great sense of fun and his training is coming along a treat.  Great news!


With Irish foster mum Stephanie

Great with cats!