Holly...  is a very pretty, medium-sized spaniel collie x, about 20 months old, and she first arrived with us from Ireland a year ago.  Her first mum here, Moira, did a fantastic amount of work with Holly, who is a lively and super-bright  girl who proved a natural at obedience and agility. But Moira  couldn’t quite crack Holly’s obsession with next door’s cats and so we recently rehomed Holly with a wonderful, (cat-free!) family in rural Dorset looking for a companion for their young dog, Snoop (who was also rehomed through us).

The two dogs have got on fantastically but Holly has proved an escape artist in her new home and has disappeared for  several hours on several occasions.  Her new family feel that she would do better in a home that has more time to dedicate to her training, and can be firmer with her, and so she is now looking for her third, and hopefully forever, home.

We think Holly’s ‘problem’ stems from living rough in Ireland where she  learned to fend for herself . The legacy is that Holly needs to be convinced you’re up to the job of “boss”  before she will trust you enough to listen to what you want her to do.  But in the right home she will be stunning as she really does have a great many strengths.  She is clever,  agile, playful, affectionate, full of character, excellent with children and gets on really well with other dogs. 

Holly needs an active, cat-free  home with a totally secure garden and a family who can set firm boundaries and commit to her training.  The reward will be a memorable dog.

Holly has been spayed.

If you’re interested in Holly, please email  info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

There is a minimum adoption fee of £100 for Holly.

(added 25/11/07)