JAKE... is, well, they don’t come much better-looking than this but then regulars will know we have a soft-spot for dogs that come in this colourway wearing eye-liner...

Jake was recently surrendered to a rescue in Kilkenny by owners distraught at having to give him up. (They had three dogs and they were forced to give up one by the Council who only allow two dogs)

Jake is smashing -  thought to be an Irisih setter/GSD x,  4 yrs old, house-trained, great with people and other dogs, fully vaccinated, wormed and neutered.  A pre-loved boy who will be a fantastic companion and  family pet.

UPDATE 16/7/08

We had a heart attack when Jake arrived from Ireland. The boy’s huge!  And we’re still not quite sure what’s in him. He definitely looks like a streamlined, long-haired GSD, but the coat texture is completely different and he’s SO soft and without any hint of GSD nerviness.  And what a gorgeous gentle giant he is - definitely younger than the four years he’s supposed to be. We think he’s more like 2-3, possibly even younger as he can be quite puppyish.

He’s terrific with everybody, big and small, and  bonds quickly. He is perfect with other dogs. We can’t fault this boy and he’s SO beautiful... (A huge thank you to foster mum Rebecca for getting him in such great condition in such a short time!)  But he’ll need a home with big dog experience  that can continue his training (he knows the basics and is eager to please).

UPDATE 9/9/08

Jake came to me while his foster home is on holiday and, of course, this is fatal...  We’ve fallen for him big-time... not to the extent that we will keep him (there’s no room at the inn for the big oaf...)  but if we’re this smitten it makes us very fussy.  But on the basis that if you don’t ask, you don’t get...  this is what will Jake totally happy: a home in the country where he gets plenty of opportunity to really run.  We mean big-running, not round a park-running. He also, ideally, needs another large, playful dog for company  and lots of opportunities for socialising with other dogs. And he needs to be in a home where he will not be left regularly for longer than a couple of hours because this is a very loving,  sociable boy. Jake will also need a family who can cope when he gets a little above himself - this morning, for instance, he was a bit of a bully when his friend Boz started to play with a dalmatian.  There’s no aggression, but he’s quite forceful and needs to know this isn’t good manners. He also needs from general all-round training - although he has the basics and his recall is good.

Just to say also that he really loves a good cuddle. And if he’s allowed on the sofa, he’ll be in seventh heaven (he curls up small, promise!)

UPDATE 29/11/08

So why is Jake still with us? It’s a good question as he’s just lovely - not a novice dog but a heart-stoppingly beautiful dog who is into hugs bigtime.  Jake jumps up, plonks his huge paws and your shoulders and gazes adoringly into your eyes ... very good for the ego on a bad-hair day.  He’s also toned down the bossiness - and although he’s undoubtedly a naturally high-ranking dog who needs firm boundaries, there is no malice in him at all. 

UPDATE 22/3/09

Yep... Jake is still with us and is in danger of becoming a permanent feature at BRX HQ. And we love him, so this is no great hardship.  But if the right home comes up, we would love to see Jake settled in a home where he would perhaps get a little more one-to-one care than he does here with five other dogs vying for  attention!

To recap, Jake is looking for...

  1. a country home with at least one other playful dog who won’t be intimated by Jake’s size

  2. large garden

  3. someone at home most of the day

  4. long walks where Jake can really run

  5. access to sofas... (a cheeky ask, we know, but he loves nothing more to curl up beside you!)

UPDATE 20/6/09

Well, it’s been a year since Jake arrived from Ireland and we have failed to  find the right home for him.  Truth is that this boy has sneaked into my heart so much that I am always going to find fault with any home (and many great ones have expressed interest). So if you promise not to tell my other half who still thinks Jake is up for rehoming, it is time to admit that Jake is now a permanent member of the family here.

The two bottom pictures of Jake were taken in an uncharacteristically-sunny Anglesey this week, where we’ve been enjoying a bit of a break. If nothing else, you’ve got to admit he’s just too picturesque to part with....!

(added 24/6/08)

Jake in Ireland in June 2008

And just look at him now!