Jasper... is a gorgeous looking-boy - probably a lab/collie x and he was surrendered to Dundalk Pound 10 days ago

He’s an affectionate,  friendly fella, great with other dogs and people and thrilled to be out of the pound (where his life was in danger - as a surrender, he was top of the PTS list) .

Despite the little bit of grey on his chin, he looks to be a youngster,

More info and better pix as soon as we can .

UPDATE 8/4/08

The latest on this gorgeous lad is that he really, REALLY loves people (as is evident by the third pic down!) Jasper is the kind of dog that would follow you to the ends of the earth in the hope of a pat. He’s definitely lively, though, and hasn’t had any training so he definitely needs someone who has the time to dedicate to showing him the ropes. 

UPDATE 5/5/08

We had a bit of a surprise when Jasper arrived from Ireland 10 days ago. Our retriever had turned into what we think is a pointer x, complete with a partly-docked tail, who instantly betrayed  his ancestry by pointing at his foster mum’s hens... 

In truth, our Jasper is a bit of a mutt, but he’s absolutely LOVELY. He  is about a year old,  small/medium has a super temperament. He’s very affectionate, active but settles beautifully in the house, is house-trained,  ignores the rabbit,  took no notice of a cat in a house he visited, is eager to please and pretty good recall.  And although he loves playing and can run like the wind, he is not in the least hyperactive, loving to snuggle up in his bed if there’s nothing going on.

Jasper’s only negatives (and they’re very small ones) is that he  gets under your feet a bit when he’s on the lead and he jumps up, making him perhaps not the best choice for a family with very young ones - although he’s small and light so is unlikely to knock anyone over.  He also has quite a big bark on him for a small lad which makes you jump if you’re not expecting it.

Jasper is a gorgeous, smiley boy - everyone’s friend - who will make a fabulous family pet.  He would love to share with another dog, but will do fine on his own, too, as long as there is lots of human company.

Jasper is vaccinated but not yet neutered.

If you are interested in fostering Jasper, or in offering him a forever home, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Jasper, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland .

(added 5/4/08)