JAZZ... landed in Dunboyne dog pound about 10 days ago. Picked up as a stray, everyone was very surprised that she wasn’t reclaimed as she’s a young, almost-certainly purebred lab with a lovely temperament. She also has a lovely coat and appears to be in very good condition.

Jazz  is about a year old and pretty lively (as you’d expect at this age)  but definitely not hyper. She’s terrific with people and appears to be fairly confident. She’s not unduly stressed in the rescue centre she’s been moved to and she’s loving playing with the other dogs (but is not pushy).

Jazz is arriving on Saturday 19th December and will be going into temporary foster for a proper assessment. She looks lovely, though, doesn’t she?

UPDATE 26/12/09

We already had a home in mind for Jazz and it was love at first sight - for both parties! So after a few days with ace foster mum Rebecca, Jazz went to her new home a couple of days ago. Christmas is not usually the best time to introduce a new dog into the family, but Jazz is quite a confident youngster and she has taken it all in her stride. In fact, she has settled so brilliantly that she has clearly lived in a house before and shows every sign of being previously well-loved. Goodness knows why she ended up in the pound... you can tie yourself up in knots wondering. But the great news is that Jazz will be starting 2010 in a wonderful new home with Deborah and family in Hungerford where I don’t think it is possible for a dog to be loved more fiercely.

(added 13/9/09)

Below: a friendly but stressed Jazz in Dunboyne pound in early December