JESSE... is a small retrievery x boy, about 22 months old. We first spotted him 14 months ago when he turned up as a stray in Meath Pound in Ireland (see pic below).  We offered to take him then, but a home was found locally for him. A couple of days ago, this family contacted Irish Retriever Rescue in Ireland  to ask for help... sadly, they can no longer afford to keep the little lad because of a job-loss.

Irish Retriever Rescue specialises more in goldens, so passed the family on to us and of course we’re very happy to help Jesse - we loved the look of him last March, and love the look of him now!

Jesse  was a timid boy when he was rescued and showed signs of being hit. He will still cower/roll over and show his belly but is much more confident than he was.

Jessie is an affectionate lad who loves his cuddles. He is fully-housetrained and lives with children (although he’s young and playful so may be a little  too boisterous for small ones).  He walks well on a lead, sticks close off-lead and his recall is pretty good (but could do with a bit more work!). He loves to play ball - and is a good catcher! He is lively and as active as you would expect a young dog with, doubtless, a smidge of collie in there somewhere!

Jesse’s current owners, who are very sad to be giving him up, say he will growl if other dogs approach him when he’s on-lead, but we think this is probably because he hasn’t socialised much with other dogs. It’s certainly manageable as he is currently walked by a 12-yr-old boy, but we will assess him properly once he arrives here.  Off-lead Jesse is fine with other dogs.

He has a really lovely face, doesn’t he?

Jesse is vaccinated, neutered, wormed and flea-treated and will be arriving with us 9th/10th June.

UPDATE 20/6/10

Rehomed! We asked Mark and Harriet, who live near us and have been on our waiting list for a while if they would foster Jesse for us and they’ve decided they would like to keep this lovely boy. (Ha-ha...knew they wouldn’t be able to resist him!) It’s a great home, so we’re very pleased. Better still, they’re close enough for us to meet up for the occasional walk on Salisbury Plain which we did last night. It was lovely to see Jesse absolutely gleaming and clearly very happy and relaxed.  Mark sent us the bottom picture just after the two-hour outing saying Jesse was so happily exhausted he hadn’t even stirred when they sat down for supper! (He likes his food, does Jesse...)

Jesse still has a little learning to do - he is a bit nervous of other dogs and he does pull on a lead, but these are minor issues that will soon iron out. Obviously not literally...

A big thank you to Mark and Harriet!

(added 30/5/10)

Below left:  Jesse in the pound last March, then about six months old.

Below right: sparko after a two-hour walk on Salisbury Plain