JESSIE... is the sweetest black retriever x girl - a little older as you can see, but an absolute gem.

She was picked up as a stray and was extremely stressed in the Irish kennels - we think because she was so desperate not to mess them.

Jessie then fell very ill and it was touch and go for a couple of days, but she is now fully-recovered and in foster in Belfast, and we have just received this report from foster mum Allie:

Jessie is a good natured, gentle and affectionate girl who has settled in well with my 4 dogs of varying sizes.  I'd hardly know I had her in the house; she just lies down

quietly or potters around behind me.  She enjoys getting outfor a walk but isn't high-energy so a couple of short danders suit her better.  She was ill when she first arrived

with me but is now starting to show personality and has a playful side, enjoying playing with toys and her ball.  She's extremely biddable and knows some commands such as "sit", "no", etc.  She's also house-trained.”

The only blip is that she did, er, slightly eat the sofa... Allie says it was her fault - Jessie had been so good she left her with free run of the house when she went out.  But other than that, Jessie is super - a lovely girl who will be a wonderful, loyal family dog.

Jessie is vaccinated, wormed and will be flea-treated. She has not been well enough to spay yet but this will be done before she is rehomed.

UPDATE 11/1/11

Jessie arrived with us last week and she’s absolutely divine - a very easy, loving, well-behaved girl who hasn’t put a paw wrong. A bit older than we thought, though (possibly nine years old), and she has a problem with her neck which we are investigating - we think probably just a touch of arthritis that should be managed well on medication.

Jessie is being fostered in Corsham in Wiltshire.

Another update to come soon...

UPDATE 18/2/11

Well, we’re delighted to say that Jessie’s foster home have decided to keep her and she is now wonderfully settled with Christine and her family.  A x-ray revealed no obvious problem to Jessie’s neck, but Previcox (the new wonder-drug for arthritis) has made her much more comfortable.

A big thank you to Christine and her family for taking on an older dog. Like so many of the oldies, Jessie is a real star.  “Jessie is an absolute delight and we are all extremely fond of her,” says Christine. “She is so good natured and walks really well on the lead. I have started to let her off in Corsham Court now and she stays with me. Jessie is fine with other dogs too which is good as many people walk their dogs in Corsham Court. There aren’t any sheep at this time of the year so I’ll have to wait to see how she is with them. Also I haven’t been too near the lake yet but she loves puddles! All in all she is just perfect - just what we wanted.”

(added 23/11/10)