JET... is a lovely collie x girl, perhaps with a sprinkling of belgian shepherd , and we think she is between one and two years old.

She arrived  from Ireland last week, remarkably calm and full of kisses the moment we collected her from the transport at the unearthly hour of 3.30am. But, boy, did she smell.  We usually give them a little time to settle, but Jetta smelled SO awful she was in the bath by 5am.  And it was then, trying to examine the enormous clumps of matted hair behind her ears that I discovered the gaping hole in her neck. Bless her, she hadn’t protested even when I had inadvertently been rubbing shampoo into it.

Smelling a little better, she was taken to the vets who believe the wound had been caused by being on a too-tight chain that had dug into her neck.  They debrided the area , sewed her up and while under sedation removed the dreadful matts behind her ears and on her back legs.

So Jet looks a little shorn, but she’s healing fast and the good news is that she shows no signs of having been thinkingly abused.  She’s quite confident, affectionate, trusting with people, good with other dogs, very good on-lead and very good off-lead, too. She can also leap feet into the air to catch a treat!

Jet guards her food a little  but we think this will resolve. She can get a little jealous of the other dogs and reacts by trying to grab your arm . She also occasionally grows at them - but she is not aggressive, reacts submissively if they tell her off - and is beginning to play kiss-chase with our Jake.

She is housetrained, settles really well in the house, has discovered the joy of jumping in the deep puddles of water on Salsibury Plain, and she loves the car. Indeed, at the end of our walks she runs back to the car, a little frantic to get back in.  This is common in dogs that have been dumped and as she’s the least likely dog in the world to have strayed, we think this is how she ended up in Dunboyne pound.

Jet deserves a home where there is lots of cuddles and company (human or canine). Given her little outbreaks of jealousy, although easily managed, she is looking for a home with either no children or dog-savvy children over 10yrs old. We think she’d be fine as an only dog, and she could also make a beginner’s agility dog as she’s biddable, steady and athletic.

UPDATE 31/3/09

Jet has now been with us for two weeks and she is a smasher...playful and  fun but not too boisterous, loves affection but doesn’t nag you for it, 100 per cent with people of all sizes, doesn’t chase cars or bicycles like some collie croses do, great with other dogs when out,  comes when called ,very, very quick to learn and eager to please.  Fine with livestock (or rather she shows interest but will come if you call )and I think would be OK with cats too given a careful introduction.

Jet can still be a little bossy if you’re petting her and another dog tries to muscle in - but if you pre-empt what is just a quick air-snap at the other dog, she’s fine.  Likewise, she’ll tell off an impertinent male dog with the same little air-snap, but she doesn’t make contact, there’s no growling with it and all it provokes from her target is an “oops, sorry...”.   All my dogs are now very relaxed wtih her and she and Jake play together a lot. We were told she was slightly food-possessive but we have seen no sign of this. She shows respect towards other dogs  when they’re eating , waits her turn for titbits,  and allows you to take food from her.

All in all, Jet is a thoroughly nice girl who will fit in with anyone looking for a pretty easy,  affectionate, fun addition to the family.

Jet is spayed, vaccinated, wormed and frontlined.  She is being fostered with us in Wiltshire.

If you are interested in this super girl, please email asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for  Jet which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland.

(added 22/3/09)

Above: Jet’s injuries... healing well...

Above: Jet in Ireland... before the drastic haircut...