Gorgeous Juno arrived from Ireland about five weeks ago and we found her a fabulous home before I managed to get her up on the website.  Now, we did notice that she had big teats and presumed she must have had puppies fairly recently. Hah!  Ten days ago (Oct 3) she produced NINE puppies.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Isobel, Daniel and family who adopted Juno and suddenly find themselves with an extended family of 10.  They have taken the surprise totally in their stride and it’s incredibly impressive.

Mum Juno is an absolutely divine, bright and active medium-sized spaniel/collie x with a very retrievery nature. She adores children and has the loveliest of temperaments. As for her boyfriend... well, all we know is that she was picked up as a stray and apparently she was spitted with another black dog who looked similar to her but who was too wiley to be caught.  As she’s so lovely herself, we’ll asume she was suitably picky and that Dad is a worthy father to her pups...

Juno’s new home is in a prep school in Dorset so the puppies (four girls and five boys) will be extremely well-socialised.  And Juno is proving to be the perfect mum - all the puppies are doing really well.

The pups will be ready to go to their new homes  at the end of November, and can be viewed from mid-November. We will update with more info and pix as the pups grow.

UPDATE 29/11/08

Just three pups left now.... two black and white boys and one mostly-black girl.  Lovely chunky, healthy puppies who have had the best of starts... and are very well socialised with children. Clearly collie/spaniels, these babies are looking for active, stimulating homes.

If you are interested in one of Juno’s puppies please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £75 for each puppy.

(added 14/10/08)

Beautiful mum Juno