KAYLA... is a purebred lab girl, about three years old. She was surrendered to Dundalk pound a year ago - we think because she was gun-shy.  She was adopted by a Dundalk Dog Rescue volunteer who fell in love with her but unfortunately, he is now moving abroad and so Kayla is looking for a new home.

Kayla is a thoroughly nice girl - sweet and gentle as most labs are and from working stock so a smart cookie, too.  She has lived as an outside dog, with other dogs, so is looking for a home that will enjoy introducing her to the joys of living indoors as part of the family. (This may include house-training). She is very good on-lead, but selectively-deaf off lead (especially if there’s an interesting scent to follow) so will need some recall training .

Because of her background, we are looking for a country home with, ideally, an existing dog as she enjoys the company of other dogs and loves to play.   She is great with children but has chased cats.

Kalla is spayed and fully vaccinated, and will be wormed/flea-treatedwhen she arrives.   She  is arriving this Friday (3rd April) and will be placed in a foster home for assessment. 

UPDATE 9/4/09

Kayla arrived end of last week and she’s a very nice girl... smaller than the average labrador, but if you’re looking for a pint-sized sweetie, she’s your gal.

If Kayla wasn’t house-trained before, she is now (just one small accident on day one and she’s been totally clean since then).   She also settles really well in the house and there’s been no fuss at night. Indeed, she is adapting to home comforts very quickly and  has bonded well with foster mum Rebecca and her children, Veronica and Ewan.   She’s super with children - to the point at looking delighted at being hugged by a four-year-old visitor who flung her arms round her.

Kayla has, thus far, refrained from eating her foster mum’s hens, but we suspect might not show the same restraint towards the rabbit.  She is also very interested in small birds - sparrows etc - we think possibly because they might have been some entertainment for her at her previous home where she lived outside.  We think she’s probably trainable re cats, but perhaps not a total natural...

On lead, Kayla is great. Off-lead, it’s nose to the ground and she’s off - not too far, and she keeps an eye on you, but there’s some work to do on her recall and so she’s looking for a country home. She’s a good girl, though, and should learn quickly.

She gets on well with other dogs but doesn’t seem to rely on them, so we think she’d be fine as an only dog as long as there’s the opportunity to mix with other dogs out on walks.


Well Kayla has come on a treat. Bright as a button she is and such a sweetie... Her recall has now improved hugely and she’s such a good girl in the house.  She’s also LOVING her walks (she runs around like mad) and has lost a few pounds which makes her look rather more in proportion (she was a little on the chunky side when she arrived...). Her black coat is as shiny as a seal’s and she’s a very happy, gentle-natured girl.

We now think it’s possible she has a little bit of beagle in her - a “beagledor”! But she’s mostly labrador to look at.

Kayla really is hard to fault - no hang-ups, easy to train, loves a cuddle and does what she’s told... the perfect family dog, really. Everyone loves her.

If you are interested in Kayla, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for  Kayla which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland.

(added 31/3/09)

...and cooling off in deep chalky puddles!

I looooove running....