Logan was the very first rescue to come over from Ireland. He was advertised as a flatcoated retriever and on arrival the first thing that was so noticeable was his huge eyes. He was in a terrible state; very smelly and dirty. He had definitely been beaten as he would cower if you just lifted your arm. He was terrified of brooms and even now after nearly four years will run and disappear at the sight of a grooming brush. His back-end has been damaged at some time and he cannot lift his tail properly. He is not a flatcoat but there is definitely retriever in him and his temperament is second to none. Logan is kind, gentle and loves children. The only downside is that he will not tolerate another male. He is also a hunter if given the chance and does not like to see live ducks! He can also despatch a rat with great efficiency!

Logan is owned  by Mary Haines who founded and runs Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming

and co-runs Black Retriever X Rescue. Indeed, Logan is the inspiration for BRX Rescue - because, of course, these lovely, beautiful dogs deserve a second chance as much as any purebred. Logan has been

a great ambassador for black retriever x’s and has encouraged many people to consider a cross.

UPDATE 21/9/08

Logan was put to sleep last week, six years after Mary rescued him from Ireland. She has given him an amazing six years - a life he would never have had if he had stayed in Ireland.

“All who met Logan fell in love with him and wanted to take him home,” says Mary. “He was a very special boy and we were very privileged to have had him in our lives. He will be greatly missed.”