LOLA... is a great-looking retriever x girl who  although she has a little white on her muzzle, is only 20 months old.  She is currently at a rescue in Sligo in Ireland.

Lola was given up by her family seven months ago because she was destructive when left.  But the poor girl was barely out of puppyhood, was being left for long hours and was bored out of her mind.  She was then placed in a home that wasn’t as good as hoped and so had to be retrieved... so poor Lola has not had the best start in life.

Despite this, and although Lola looks a little wary/distant in the pix we were sent from Ireland [now at bottom of page], she is sweet, placid, easy-going, great with everyone including children and she’s terrific with other dogs.  She seems to be OK with cats, too.

UPDATE 25/7/10

Lola arrived last week and she’s absolutely lovely - quite a large, playful, very affectionate girl. Again, tthe grey on the muzzle is due to the collie in her, not old age! We suspect she might have some German Shepherd in her  but she’s very retrievery in nature.

Lola is a little more active than her friend Leo, and adores retrieving a ball. But she is respectful and settles well too, and seems to be coping well with being left for 3/4 hours (probably because she has Leo for company).  She’s a little bossy with Leo (who gives in to her) but plays with him very sweetly.  She’s pretty goon on-lead and has good recall off-lead. Lola and Leo have been having a fantastic time this week on walks - playing and investigating all the way. She is very good in the car.

Lola has, sadly, clearly been hit at some point and can really cower if you raise an arm near her - or wield a stick-shaped toy or treat...But we feel she will soon come round.

We think Lola would do best in a home with a nice male dog for play and company and where there is someone around for most of the time. 

She is being fostered near Westbury in Wiltshire with Leo. A huge thank you to foster mum Robin who says they are both fabulous.

If you are interested in lovely Lola, please email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Lola, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland. 

UPDATE 29/8/10

We are totally delighted to be able to say that Lola and her best friend Leo have been rehomed to Mick and Ann and their three children Andrew, Hannah and Daniel, in Gloucestershire.  It is a fab home for these two - a lovely garden, a lot of love, someone around almost all the time and also exactly the  boundaries they need. In fact, the pair of them have barely put a paw wrong since they arrived with their new family two weeks ago.

A huge thank you to Mick, Ann and family for opening their hearts and home to this very deserving pair. Lola and Leo are undoubtedly two of the nicest dogs you could ever hope to meet but of course it is no mean undertaking to take on two at once and we were so very worried that we would have to separate them. Miracles, however, do happen.

Now all I need to do is bully them for some pix...

(added 28/3/10)

Above: Lola in foster in Westbury, Wiltshire:

Below: our original pix of  Lola in Ireland