here at BRX Rescue we think it is important to let new owners know what they’re taking on and, clearly, in Lucy’s case, it’s a dog that thinks it is perfectly all right to jump on to the kitchen table.  Nope, I’m afraid we didn’t put her there for the picture!  But actually she’s not really this naughty... what you can’t see in tis pic is that there are loads of dogs milling around the floor and the table simply afforded a very good vantage point!

Lovely Lucy is a very sweet and pretty-spaniel-maybe-setter cross who was surrendered to Dundalk Pound a week ago - by foreign nationals who were returning home.  As you can see from the two pictures of her in the pound, she was extremely stressed - abandoned and at a loss to know why.

Lucy is three years old, house-trained and brilliant with other dogs and children. In the house, she settles well and is very affectionate.  Lucy is medium-sized  and s loves to curl up on your lap for a cuddle.  Off-lead, her recall needs some work and she’s nimble, so can slip through narrow gaps.  She will need an active home, a secure garden  and to  be kept on a long-line until  settled in her new home.  She’s very eager to please so will be very trainable. 

Lucy is still in ireland at the moment and will be spayed this coming week.  She is fully vaccinated and will arrive in the UK end of July.

UPDATE 9/8/09

Lucy arrived about 10 days ago and she’s a real star, albeit a very tiny one. She’s about the size of a small cocker spaniel, but lighter boned, so a delicate girl.  She is a total cuddle-monster and to say she loves children is an understatement... she ADORES them.  But she settles well on her own if a lap isn’t available.  Her recall turns out to be great and off-lead she doesn’t go far, so she’s a super dog to walk.  Her only issue is that she’s a bit nervous of cars, (a little less so every day, though)  so you have to pick her up and put her in and there’s something programmed in her brain that tells her to leg-it as she goes through a gate. This is easing now, though.

In the past few days, Lucy Lou has discovered what rabbits are for (chasing!) and so she is now bounding through the long grass in search of small furry things. She’s not savvy enough to catch them, though, which makes watching her  come out of her shell a real pleasure.

If you are interested in lovely Lucy,  please  email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £125 for Lucy, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  her from Ireland. 


Lucy has found her forever home and has settled beautifully with her wonderful new mum and dad, Nick and Moyra.  Nick thought he wanted a bigger, more retrievery dog  - but, hey, when did men ever know what’s best for ‘em, eh?

(added 11/7/09)

Above and below: poor Lucy...abandoned and very

stressed in Dundalk Pound