Luke... oh, this is a gorgeous-looking boy and just look at those beautiful kind eyes.

He landed in Leitrim Animal Welfare rescue in Ireland at the beginning of the month and the pic on the right is of him having a much needed bath. He looked very rather sad and in dire need of TLC from the pix we were emailed (now at foot of page)

Christine at Leitrim thinks he is about a year old (possibly a little older), and a quiet, placid, well-behaved and gentle boy. He walks well on a lead, is  good with other dogs and great with children. He looks to us like a classic black retriever x - a gentle, retrievery boy who will make a wonderful family dog.

He is neutered, vaccinated and neutered and arrives in the UK this weekend.  

There will be a big demand for this boy, so if you’re interested (and we’re desperate for a foster home for him as well as a forever home) please email asap.

UPDATE 16/3/08

Poor Luke.  He arrived yesterday morning pretty stressed from the transport and went into a great kennels in the countryside near Cirencester. Unfortunately, this morning he started coughing (he has been vaccinated against kennel cough but it is not 100 per cent) so we need to move him.  We do have access to another kennels with an isolation unit but really what this boy needs after all he has been through is a warm bed in a quiet home where he can recuperate - ideally with a big enough garden for him to run around in a bit (he won’t be able to go on walks where he could come into contact with other dogs).  He was fostered for a week in Ireland before he came over, was quiet and clean in the house and can be left for a couple of hours, so should be no trouble. We can provide all food and bedding etc.

UPDATE 21/3/08

Well all we can say is “WOW!” .A massive thank you to Sam and Andrew and their family in Leamington Spa for stepping in as emergency fosterers. And just look at the transformation!

Luke is almost certainly a lab/collie x and he is adorable - a totally soft, affectionate, playful youngster who has settled in brilliantly.  At the moment he is a bit of a mixed bag  - a cheeky, mischievous boy but also one that spooks quite easily.  He doesn’t like to be shut in (although settles fine at night), is scared of heavy traffic and can pull on the lead, especially at the start of walks.  But in the right hands, this will all soon resolve. Luke needs a home that can dedicate some time to both building his confidence and setting firm boundaries.  Children to play with and perhaps an older dog to instil some manners would be terrific. He needs more scialisation with other dogs (he has a great temperament but other dogs are a bit of a novelty to him so he gets very excited!.)  No doubt about it - someone’s going to be very luck. Luke is fabulous and has masses of potential.

If you are interested in this fantastic fella, please email asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Luke, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland .

(added 13/3/08)

Below: Luke looking very sorry for himself in rescue in Ireland