MAEVE...  was surrendered to Monaghan pound in Ireland at the beginning of March because she kept wandering off from her owner’s insecure garden.  We were alerted 24hrs before she was due to be PTS, and with the help of Irish angels, managed to get her out in time. 

She is a classic black retriever x - about three years old and she is just lovely, and so happy to be out of the pound, as you can see from the pictures of her at her Irish foster home. Here is what her lovely foster Dad, Colum, has to say about her:

“Maeve is a absolutley wonderful dog, and really deserves a good home, she is so friendly and well mannered. We washed her and cut all the knotted hair from around her ears and she is like a new dog :-)

“Housetrained - Seems to be, she is in the house when we are there, and we haven’t had any accidents. She seems to be more comfortable outside than inside, but is starting to get used to being inside a bit more.

“Recall - She is excellent, she doesnt wander off too far and always comes back when she is called (even though she doesn’t know her name yet) and she is great with other dogs.

“Cats - we have encountered a few cats around the estate, each time she was on the lead with me and is mad to chase them...

“Children: she doesnt pay Una’s 3-yr-old niece any attention and doesn’t react in any negative way. She jumps up a bit, on me, but not Úna. I think she just wants to play but first thing in the morning, she is very excited she will jump up a good bit on me, I turn my back to her and ignore her but if she was to do that to a small child, she would more than likely knock them over. But it is just excitment and she is just being very friendly and playful. She has also been out walking when we encountered people walking with prams/buggies and she pays no remarks to them

“I really hope she finds a good home, she is a great dog. We have had her in lots of different places out walking and is excellent, we have had no trouble at all. She hops into the boot, lies down, and you would woudnt even know she was there for the rest of the journey”

Clearly, Maeve is a real gem!

If you are interested in Maeve,  please email asap.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Maeve, which includes the cost of his transport from Ireland, vaxing, flea-treating, microchipping and neutering if appropriate.

(added 2/4/12)

Maeve in Monagahan Pound in early April - a very sad and dejected girl in danger of being PTS. And, below, recovering her spirits in  her Irish foster home.