MAISIE... is a very sweet working cocker girl who was found two weeks ago on Salisbury Plain with no collar and no ID chip.  Sadly, no one has come forward to claim her.

We think Maisie is 3-4 yrs old and she is an absolute sweetheart - a good, obedient girl who is lovely with people and other dogs.

Maisie is a lively but biddable girl who loves to play when out, and settles very well in a crate inside. She does not appear to be housetrained, so has probably lived outside, but she’s a bright girl and should pick this up quickly. We think she is probably a trained working dog.

Maisie is being looked after just outside Marlborough in Wiltshire.

UPDATE 11/1/11

Sweet Maisie has gone to live with Toby, who lives locally and does a lot of picking-up with his dogs. Great reports so far - Maisie is getting on very well with his other working spaniels and is proving a star out shooting. 

It’s always great to find a good working home for a working dog - especially one that treats their dogs so well - although this was entirely down to her foster home, not us.

Ah, and the house-training issue turned out to be a urinary tract infection.. a course of antibiotics and she was as right as rain. Although that’s probably not the best analogy...!

(added 6/12/10)